Michigan in photos

Devandra Banhart’s Michigan, Michigan State was stuck in our head all the way from Port Huron to Muskegon. We were strongly advised to avoid Flint by a few locals, so we detoured slightly north and were mostly in rural areas. Michiganders were friendly and talkative, in a laid back, Midwesterner sort if way.

We arrived at an RV/golf resort about 25 miles northwest of Flint on our first night in Michigan to be told they didn’t allow tents. We apparently looked tired and desperate enough, so the manager let us set up our tent next to the golf course for $10.



The next day was the hottest day of the trip so far, so we stopped at a Mexican restaurant in Clio, MI to cool off. Just before we left, a crazy thunderstorm with horizontal rain and hail showed up outside, so we extended our stay another hour. It wasn’t the worst place to be stuck.



Michigan was pleasantly flat. During one random section of rolling hills, there was a sign at the bottom of every hill saying “Caution: Hill obstructs view.” In PA, we call that common sense.



Our camp stove uses regular gas, with each canister lasting almost three weeks. We’re getting killed by these gas prices–it’s up to 88 cents a tank!


Lake Michigan is wonderful. We had a rainy ride to get to Hoffmaster State Park, which made our arrival there and first view of the lake even more euphoric.







This is our new friend Bob, who we randomly met at Rock Point Provincial Park in Ontario a week earlier. He found out we were stranded at Hoffmaster, which is 10 minutes from his house, so he stopped by with fresh bread, canolis, fire starters and a bottle of French wine. He is a retired emergency room doctor who loves the outdoors and traveling, so we felt like kindred spirits. He has lived through a lot and had tons of stories and wisdom to share from it. Thanks Bob for everything!


The second evening on the coast looked unrecognizably different from the first day.


And finally, the lake calmed enough by the second day to ferry us across to Milwaukee!



Chris and Heidi

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3 thoughts on “Michigan in photos

  1. Hi, Heidi and Chris.
    Lin just sent me your blog info, so I’ve read up on how/where you are. You guys are awesome!! And isn’t Lake Michigan great? I need to go to Kalamazoo tomorrow, so will then go on over to the coast (west side) after my meeting. Also, I’m listening to the This American Life radio show about the guy from Philly who walked to SanFran…it’s a great listen. Take care! xoxo – Aunt Joyce

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